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Programming and coding

Become a pro in Java with the Algo.Java course. Java, an Object Oriented Programming language is one of the most sought after programming languages and is the foundation of the Android operating system. Java is a perfect computer language for being competitive in today’s industry requirements. Designed for programmers experienced in basic Data Structures and Algorithms, this is a hands on course where we focus on developing core programming concepts and equip you to code solutions for complex problems using Java.

Programming and coding

Recursion and Optimization
• Recursion
• Backtracking
• Bitmasking

Data Structures and Algorithms
• Stacks and Queues – Adva Questions
• Linked Lists – Advanced Questions
• Generic Trees
• Binary Trees
• Binary Search Trees

Non Linear Data Structures
• Heaps
• Hash Tables
• Generics
• Graphs – Traversals, Minimum Spanning trees, Shortest path algorithms
• Text Processing – Text Matching, Compression
• Dynamic Programming