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Best IT courses in delhi
best big data course in delhi
best big data course in delhi
best big data course in delhi


Our Big Data Analytics & Hadoop course in Delhi is specially designed for beginners as well as for professionals with some experience alike. Hadoop big data is now an important part of data analytics courses. Webocity offer 12 modules inHadoop training programme that guarantee a promising career.

Introduction to Big Data & Hadoop training

In the very first module of our Big Data and Hadoop Training. We will focus on developing your knowledge on the basics and trends of hadoop . There will be an introduction to Big Data training, Uses of Hadoop, Hadoop Distributed file system, understanding YARN, etc. The details of the module entail:
• Introduction of big data and hadoop
• What is Hadoop
• Uses of Hadoop
• Hadoop History
• Different types of Components in Hadoop
• Detailed information on HDFS, MapReduce, YARN, PIG, Hive, SQOOP, HBASE, OOZIE, Flume, Zookeeper etc.,
• scope of Hadoop in industry

Cluster Setup

You will learn about cluster in the second module of big data and hadoop course. We will teach you the steps to prepare nodes for Hadoop and VM Settings, Hadoop Daemons, Hadoop configuration files, and much more. The details include:
• Linux VM installation on system using Oracle Virtual Box for hadoop
• Preparing nodes for Hadoop and VM settings
• Installing Java and configuring password less SSH across nodes
• Basic commands of linux
• Hadoop 1.x single node deployment
• Hadoop Daemons – JobTracker, NameNode,TaskTracker, DataNode, Secondary NameNode
• Hadoop Configuration files and running
• Important web URLs and Logs for Hadoop
• Run linux and HDFS commands
• Hadoop 1.x multi-mode deployment
• Run sample jobs on Hadoop single and hadoop multi-node clusters

HDFS Concepts

The next module which we are going to cover is all about HDFS and its basic as well as advanced concepts. HDFS is very important and essential to get big data certification. You’ll learn how does HDFS works in Hadoop ecosystem using Hadoop cbrent for adding data into HDFS. The details include:
• HDFS Designing Goals
• Understanding Blocks and how to configure the block size
• Replication and replication factor of block
• Understand Hadoop Rack Awareness and configuration
• read and write anatomy in in HDFS file
• Enable HDFS Tash
• Configuration of HDFS Name and Space Quota
• Configuration and uses of WebHDFS
• Health Monitoring using commands of FSCK
• Understanding NameNode Safemode, file system image and edits
• Configuring Secondary NameNode and usage of checkpointing process to provide NameNode failover
• HDFS DFS Admin and File system shell commands
• Hadoop NameNode/DataNode directory
• permissions model of HDFS
• Offline image viewer OF HDFS

MapReduce Concepts

MapReduce is very much useful in data analytics courses because of which this module of our Big Data Analytics and Hadoop Training in delhi is completely focused in MapReduce. The module includes:
• Introduction on MapReduce
• Architecture of MapReduce
• Understanding concept of Mappers and Reducers
• Anatomy of MapReduce programs
• Different Phases of a MapReduce programs
• Various Data-types of Hadoop MapReduce
• Driver, Mapper and Reducer classes
• InputSplit and RecordReader
• Input format and Output format in Hadoop
• Concepts of Combiner and Partitioner
• Running and Monitoring MapReduce jobs
• Writing your own MapReduce job using MaapReduce API

Cluster Setup (Hadoop 2.x)

This module focuses on further expanding your knowledge on Clusters that you gained in the previous module. After completing this module you’ll understand how to overcome the limitation of Hadoop 1.x; get an introduction to YARN, etc. This module comprise :
• Limitations of Hadoop 1.x
• Design Goals of Hadoop 2.x
• Introduction about Hadoop 2.x
• Introduction about YARN
• Different Components of YARN – Resource Manager, Node Manager, Application Master
• Deprecated properties of YARN
• Single node deployment of hadoop 2.x
• Multi node deployment of hadoop 2.x

HDFS High Availability and Federation

This module of our Big Data Analytics courses and Hadoop Training is dedicated to expand your understanding on HDFS concepts that you gained previously. You will get introduction on HDFS Federation, learn the concept of Active and Standby NameNode,etc. Details are:
• Basic Introduction of HDFS Federation
• Understanding Name Service ID as well as Block Pools
• Introduction about HDFS High Availability
• Failover mechanisms of Hadoop 1.x
• Basic Concept of Active and StandBy NameNode
• Configuring Journal Nodes
• avoiding split brain scenario
• Automatic and Manual failover techniques in HA
• commands of HDFS HAadmin

YARN - Yet Another Resource Negotiator

YARN is used very much in the industries and we understand that its importance for you to get equipped with Hadoop certification. In this module of our Big Data Hadoop training you get to learn:
• Architecture of YARN
• Components of YARN- Resource Manager, Node Manager, Job History Server, Application Time Line Server, MR Application Master
• Application execution flow of YARN
• Running and Monitoring Applications of YARN
• Understand as well as Configure Capacity/Fair Schedulers in YARN
• Define and Configure Queues in YARN
• Job History Server and Application Time Line Server
• Writing and executing different YARN applications


This module of our Training on big data and hadoop course concentrates on the basic and advanced concepts of HIVE. By the end of this module you will be able to overcome the problems with No-SQL Database using HIVE, HIVE Schema, use cases of HIVE, Data management with HIVE, and much more. The module comprises:
• No-SQL Database problems
• Introduction & Installation of HIVE
• Data Types of SQL and its Introduction
• Hive-SQL : DML and DDL
• Hive-SQL : Views and Indexes
• User Defined Functions of HIVE
• Configuration to HBase
• Hive Thrift Service
• Introduction to HCatalog
• Install and configure HCatalog services

Apache Sqoop

This module of our Training on big data and hadoop course in delhi is dedicated to learning Apache Sqoop. After completing this module you will be confident about the core as well as advanced concepts, and then you can easily transfer data between Hadoop and relational databases.
• Apache Sqoop introduction
• Architecture and installation of Sqoop
• Importing Data using Sqoop in HDFS
• Importing all tables in Sqoop
• Exporting data from HDFS

Apache Zookeeper

Zookeeper is highly useful and important in Big Data Management and having a knowledge of zookeeper simply gives you an edge. You will be learning all the basics and advanced concepts to implement them. The module includes:
• Introduction
• stand alone installation
• Clustered installation
• Understanding Znodes and Ephemeral nodes
• Managing Znodes using Java API
• Zookeeper word commands

Apache Oozie

Apache Oozie is highly functional and useful in big data management, analytics and in Hadoop ecosystem. Once you complete this module you can easily schedule Apache Hadoop jobs, combine multiple jobs, integrate with Hadoop stack, YARN, and much more.
• Introduction of Oozie
• Architecture of Oozie
• server installation and configuration of Oozie
• Design Workflows, Coordinator Jobs and Bundle Jobs in Oozie

Cluster Monitoring and Management tools

This module of our course focuses further on enterprise data management. You can easily store, process and analyze data. Things that you will learn include:
• Cloudera Manager
• Apache Ambari
• Ganglia
• JMX monitoring and Jconsole
• Hadoop User Experience (HUE)


This module of our Big Data Hadoop course will help you learn the fundamentals as well as the advanced concepts of data analytics. This module comprises:
• Basic concepts
• Hadoop Architecture & HDFS
• Hadoop Installation
• Basic – Spark Fundamentals, Spark Overview, for Scale Analytics, Basic Text Analytics,etc
• Analysing Big Data in R by using Apache Spark
• Analytics using Hadoop components
o Pig and Hive
o Flume, Sqoop and Oozie

Hadoop Administrator Course

This module of our Big Data Analytics courses concentrates on the basic and advanced concepts of HIVE. By the end of this module you will be able to overcome the problems with No-SQL Database using HIVE, HIVE Schema, use cases of HIVE, Data management with HIVE, and much more. The module comprises:
• Problems with No-SQL Database
• Introduction & Installation HIVE
• Data Types & Introduction to SQL
• Hive-SQL : DML & DDL
• Hive-SQL : Views & Indexes
• Hive User Defined Functions
• Configuration to HBase
• Hive Thrift Service
• Introduction to HCatalog
• Install and configure HCatalog services

YARN is used extensively in the industries and we understand its importance for you to get equipped with Hadoop certification. In this module of our Big Data Hadoop training you will learn:
• YARN Architecture
• YARN Components – Resource Manager, Node Manager, Job History Server, Application Time Line Server, MR Application Master
• YARN Application execution flow
• Running and Monitoring YARN Applications
• Understand and Configure Capacity/Fair Schedulers in YARN
• Define and Configure Queues
• Job History Server/Application Time Line Server
• Writing and executing YARN applications

• The Motivation and Limitation for Hadoop:Big Data Hadoop one of the important system software used in different companies. The Hadoop system has many loopholes which can cause damages to the company. This module teaches how to deal with the issues.
o Problems with the Traditonal Large- Scale Systems.
o Why Hadoop and Hadoop Fundamental Concepts
o History of Hadooop with its problems
o Motivation & Limitation of Hadoop
o Available versions of Hadoop
o Available distribution of Hadoop
o Hadoop Projects and its components
o Hadoop Distributed File System
• Hadoop Ecosystem & Cluster
o HDFS- File system
o HBase-Hadoop Database
o Cassandra- No SQL Database
o HIVE- SQL- Engine

Apache Flume

Apache Flume is integrated with Hadoop ecosystem and is a very important milestone in your learning curve to get Hadoop certification. By the end of this module you will be proficient with core concepts, anatomy of Flume, handling server farm, routing and replicating, and much more. The details of this module include:
• Introduction to Flume
• Flume Architecture and its Installation
• Define Flume agents – Sink, Source, and Channel
• Flume Use Cases

Apache pig

There are various uses of Apache Pig in the Hadoop ecosystem and it carries a great importance. This module of our Big Data Hadoop training course mainly focuses on giving you a clear understanding of the core as well as advanced questions.
• Introduction to Pig
• Installation of Pig
• Accessing Pig Grunt Shell
• data types of pig
• Commands
• Rotational Operators
• User Defined Functions
• Configure PIG to use HCatalog


best big data course in delhi
best big data course in delhi
best big data course in delhi

Big Data Hadoop Course is one of the advanced training program for IT professionals to learn the art of compiling big data’s. The training at Webocity labs is designed with the help of professionals to impart best possible knowledge. We have designed many modules in Big Data and Hadoop course so that you can understand all things very properly and practically. Big data training is a strategic as well as practical based work. You need to have a clear understanding on all of the aspects of Big Data Hadoop certification classes to stand out in the market.


An IT professional and an analytics expert mainly goes for Big Data Analytics courses and Hadoop Training in delhi . The Big Data Hadoop professionals are very much high on demand. If you want to join Big Data Hadoop training in Delhi then visit webocity in rajouri garden to apply.

After successfully completing data analytics courses you are capable for a good package in a company, as a fresher also there is a great scope of beginning your career in the field of Big data Hadoop.

best big data course in delhi


Big Data Hadoop is in-demand course to grab jobs in leading MNC’s. Leading Companies like- Aureus Analytics, C360, Metaome, Heckyl, Flutura, Sigmoid Analytics, Indix, Germin8, Fractal Analytics, and many other companies offer great career in Big Data Hadoop. Apart from jobs, free spirited people can earn handsome money from freelancing.

How much salary can you get after joining professional
Big Data Hadoop course?

The Salary you draw totally depends on your hard work and skills. Here at Webocity labs we guarantee you to enhance your skills and make you one step ahead of the market experts. The minimum starting salary for a fresher can be anywhere around 45000 and the maximum limit depends on the skills of cracking the interview. Webocity labs teaches you to be the best and draw the maximum salary from the employer just based on your performance.

What Students are saying about us!
Students reviews are important for us !

I've never completed a course like this before and I cannot express how great the instructor was and the overall content of the material. I would defintely recommend this to my co-workers as well as friends. I will be looking into taking more of these classes through webocity in the near future. Thank you!".

Raj preetiStudent

"This is the first time I have attended a class in this format and wondered how effective it would be. It was very effective and therefore I would definitely be interested in attending other classes in the same format. The instructor was very knowlegeable and provided a wealth of information about the current version, especially since the last version I used was several releases ago.


Overall I love all the classes I have taken through webocity technologies. All the instructors are kind and patient. They are very experienced in the programs they are teaching. I have recommended this site to all my friends, family, and employer. I look forward to taking more classes from webocity."



Why should I join your webocity labs for Big Data Hadoop career?

The simple and logical answer to this question is the quality of our Big Data Analytics training program. We have more than 6 years’ h experience on Big Data Hadoop training. Our trainers are industry recognised experts who have trained thousands of students in this field and made a name in big data Hadoop. The trainers have worked on several global projects and can give the best real time experience of field.

Will I get job after doing data analytics training from Webocity labs?

Yes, you can get job surely and very easily after joining advance Big Data Analytics training of webocity. We have placed our 100% students in Hadoop Big Data field in different renowned industry. We take guarantee to train you very well in this market and make you capable to handle any practical project. Industry demands for the employees who can work for them and give the best results for their business.

Who can join our Big Data Hadoop course in delhi of Webocity labs?

IT professionals are mainly preferred for Big Data Hadoop course. The Big Data Analytics training is very big and vast field with vast coding based field thus it requires people with coding experience.

How much can I start earning after completing my course in Hadoop classes from webocity labs?

We take guarantee to impart you the best practical knowledge of Big Data Analytics training. We will give you more practical training on every aspect of Big Data Hadoop courses so that you can use this knowledge in the industry to grab more business for the company. You can easily earn up to Rs 40000-45000 on initial stage after completion of course from our Hadoop certification.

How much salary can I get after Big Data Hadoop certification course?

The package of data analytics or Big Data Hadoop person is very handsome in the initial days also. The openings in this field is very high currently and in future it will further increase. The average salary is around 40000-45000. The biggest technique to draw maximum salary is cracking the interview with confidence and by showcasing your knowledge. We ensure you that we will impart the best practical knowledge for gaining that confidence.

Do you provide Internship after course in Hadoop Certification?

Yes, we have the intership program too. If you want to enroll for internship in our Big Data Analytics training program, You can easily enroll it after completion of Big Data Hadoop training from our institute. In internship, we are providing some basic amount as a salary or you can say stipend. The job for you in this time time period is you need to do our client projects and give best result in that projects. After completion of internship, we will give experience letter for data analytics internship.

When will I get course material, certificate and software of data analytics course?

Not to worry about certificate, you will get all promised Certifications after completion of your Big Data Hadoop course from our institute. We also provide software and course material in the starting week, so that you can easily grab and give best results in the training time. We want you to succeed in this training that’s why we are helping you in all possible way.

What will be my profile after completion of Hadoop Big Data training from webocity labs?

The initial position after a Big Data Analytics training and Hadoop certification is of a Hadoop developer, analyst and technical consultant.These are the majority opening posts with handsome salary of around 40k. Freelancing is always an option for you if you are master in this field.

Who will be our Big Data Hadoop trainer?

Your trainer for Big Data Hadoop will be Ms. Simran kaur. She is a big data and hadoop certified trainer with an experience of more than 6 years in the training industry of data analytics course. she has worked in several multinationals as an expert on Big Data Hadoop and is very well known industry recognised person. she has successfully delivered more than 150+ projects on Big Data Hadoop for several foreign clients and is a very renowned in this field of Data Analytics courses.

Why is your institute known as best institute for data analytics courses in Delhi?

There are many reasons behind being the best in this Big Data Analytics course field. We work on each student to give them best training and knowledge. Because of our students and trainers, we are the leading data analytics and Hadoop course providers in all over Delhi. Most of Hadoop institute’s in Delhi are working for money only but here at webocity labs education is the primary concern and the primary focus.

Can I completely learn Big Data Hadoop in 3 months?

Yes, you can. Big Data Hadoop is very big field and it takes time. That’s why, we need full support from your side to give you best training. We give small projects or task on daily basis and want students to finish them in time. Your full dedication,hard work and support with our training skills can change your whole world in three months, after that you will become a hadoop specialist. Our these 3 months intense training, it will turn you into a corporate professional from normal college kid. The Advance Hadoop training from the best Hadoop training center in Delhi(webocity labs) will be the biggest push to your career.

I don't have a prior experience in coding or any technical knowledge can learn Advance Big data Hadoop?

Big Data Analytics Certification requires a good amount of technical knowledge and coding skills. A novice will definitely find it tricky and very difficult to learn. The developer part of this training requires in depth knowledge of coding as well as different computer languages. The data analytics profile ideally requires an IT background professional, but the zeal to learn can make anything possible for anyone.

What kind of practical experience I will get in this course?

The Webocity labs Big Data Analytics and Hadoop training module is purely practical based . The theory part is not taught in this lab as we believe that doing work practically is more important thus reading practically is also helpful. The study material or notes are provided via mail or soft copy to study. The practical experience in webocity labs guarantees you became the best in the industry and beat the best of the market. The most important feature about this module is live projects. We prepare our students for industry by giving them live projects. The live projects teach them how to use their skills and how to cope up with stress and pressure and work under the corporates. The projects also help students to gain very useful tips and tricks.

Do you offer Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, we are giving 100% surety on money back policy of webocity labs. After taking 3 classes in webocity labs, if you don’t like our classes or environment, you can ask to our counsellor for full money back and we are assuring that you won’t ask for that. We deliver all the things we promise you to deliver in our Big Data Hadoop course.