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  • Google ads certified Partner
  • Specialization in PPC from 2014
  • In house team of experienced PPC experts
  • Clients from India, US, UK, Canada & many other countries

Lead Generation, Sales, Branding with Google & Facebook Ads

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Smart PPC Marketing

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PPC Management Pricing

We understand the need of all businesses whether your budget is little or huge, we handle the whole thing efficiently with no trade off with our quality. For us, each customer is significant and need everybody to develop their business with our PPC Management services.

How much does it cost?

It involve 2-types of costs

  • Monthly Budget: How much you want to spend on Ads. For example: Google charge you for each click on your ads. Suppose it cost Rs.10/click, then for 50 clicks, you need to pay Rs.500 per day and so your monthly budget = 500X30= Rs.15000
  • Our management fee: As a PPC expert, we charge a monthly fee to setup and manage google ads. This is for our time and expertise to help you get maximum return from your campaign. our fee is given below.

What is minimum budget to start?

  1. There is nothing such as minimum or maximum budget. It can be started with any budget as per your convenience.
  2. If you want a professional to handle your budget then we are happy to help. We expect a minimum bughet of 15000/month + our fee

FREE-30 days

Rs.00Per Month
  • Budget Limit- Rs.10.000
  • Campaign Type- Search
  • Platform- Google
  • Keyword- upto 10
  • Google Analytics-yes
  • Report – Monthly/At the end of trial
  • Landing Page- N/A
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Rs.5999Per Month
  • Budget Limit-30,000
  • Campaign Type-search
  • Platform- Google
  • Keyword- upto 100
  • Google Analytics-yes
  • Report – Monthly
  • Landing Page- N/A
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Rs.9999Per Month
  • Budget Limit-70,000
  • Campaign Type-search and remarketing
  • Platform- Google or Facebook
  • Keyword- upto 150
  • Google Analytics-yes
  • Report – Bi-Weekly
  • Landing Page- N/A
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Rs.14999Per Month
  • Budget Limit-1.50,0000
  • Campaign Type-all
  • Platform- Google or Facebook
  • Keyword- No Limit
  • Google Analytics-yes
  • Report – weekly
  • Landing page- Free
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