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Programming and coding


Webocity Labs introduces a fast-paced Interview Preparation Bootcamp. This course has been launched for the students who are looking to prepare for placements and internships. The course will provide the students with an edge over others as it covers various coding interview questions along with all the coding tricks and tips you need to have up your sleeve to get into your dream company.

Topics such as Operating Systems, DBMS and System Design along with important coding interview questions asked in the interview process of companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Directi, Zomato etc. will be covered here. Resume building of this programme will help you get shortlisted for the interview process.

Students can also opt for bundle sets for the bootcamp with C++ or JAVA. This is meant for the students willing to strengthen their Data Structures and Algorithm concepts. These will be a combination of Interview Preparation and one complete course on Advanced Data Structures and Algorithm using C++ or Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms using Java. Choose either of the Programme as a part of the bundle and avail a direct discount of ₹1000.

Programming and coding



Non Coding

  • Operating Systems
  • UNIX Commands
  • System Design Problems
  • DBMS & SQL
  • Networking


  • Recursion & Backtracking
  • Sorting, Searching, & Hashing
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • DP & STL
  • All other topics covered in the Algo++ Course


  • Recursion & Optimization
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Non Linear Data Structures
  • All other topics covered in the Algo.Java Course

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