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 Big data

Big data is study of data sets that are too big and complex that traditional data-processing system are inadequate to handle them. The challenges faced by big data includes data storage, data analysis, searching, sharing, transfer, updating, querying etc.There are mainly tree concept that come in big data i.e. volume, variety and velocity. Big data uses varies kind of analysis like predictive analysis and user behaviour analysis to extract value from data.


About coding

Coding language consist of various commands, rules and variables just like English language. By putting together words and grammar in English one is able to represent his thoughts to other. Just like that by using coding and its feature one is able to make different programs and invent a new technology. Coding refer to different computer language use to develop apps, website and software. Nowadays learning to code is actually quite vast. By learning to code yourself will enable you to have more control of the technology you depend upon.


Our IELTS course is of 8 week in duration. All the Classes are held twice a week and each class is three hours in duration. Alternatively, students can also attend two hour classes thrice a week,if they have any problem in taking class twice a week. The course covers all the aspects and sections of the IELTS exams. New batches are starting soon. Just feel free to contact your nearest centre for batch details. Our library is equipped with all the latest tests papers and important book on IELTS . Apart from classroom coaching, our faculty is always available for doubt clearing sessions you can ask them anytime if you have any queries.